To promote the sport of lacrosse in the town of Somers, Connecticut, to advance the interest in lacrosse and to encourage sportsmanlike behavior.
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Bowers 2016


June 4 and 5, 2016
Somers, Connecticut

Somers Lacrosse is proud to host the 31st annual Paul Bowers Lacrosse Tournament for youth players from all over the Northeast region. We have 160 teams attending this year and a top-notch event planned!!  This message includes all the details you'll need including schedules, rules, parking and other important logistics.  Please print and bring all information with you to the event and share these details in advance with your teams/parents. 



Game schedules are now posted on the Somers Lacrosse web site at under the Bowers Tournament tab. Oftentimes unforeseen changes occur last minute on the schedules.  Please check ON THE MORNING of your event for the final schedule.  The last date of revision is shown in the upper right corner of each schedule.

Each team will play 4 games.  Games are 25 minute running time, with start and end times based on a universal horn.  There are 5 minute intermissions between games.  PLEASE PRINT the schedule, highlight your team and bring everything with you to the games as we will not have hard copies available. 
Bantam boys play Saturday, June 4th (morning).

Bantam girls play Saturday June 4th (afternoon).

Junior girls/boys play Sunday, June 5th (morning). 

Senior girls/boys play Sunday, June 5th (afternoon).


All teams must sign-in at the WELCOME CENTER registration tent upon arrival and confirm their cell phone number. Coaches will be given team bags which will include a special tournament gift from Somers Lacrosse.


  • All Bantam boys/Bantam girls and all JR/SR boys fields are walking distance from each other and are located at the Somers School Complex located at 1 Vision Blvd., Somers, CT, 06071.  Turn onto Vision Blvd to enter the school complex.

  • Bantam boys and Junior/Senior boys teams play at both Middle School fields (MBA) and Firehouse fields across the street. MBA fields 1-5 are immediately to your left as you turn into the school complex and the Firehouse fields 6 &7 are across the street from the middle school field.  Please use caution crossing the street for games as this is a busy road.

  • Junior and Senior Girls teams play Sunday at 96 Field Road, using fields 8-12 located at the high school track and also at the lower Field Rd fields.  96 Field Road is the MAIN ENTRANCE and parking for Sunday girls games.  Use the parking areas at Field Rd and up near the high school.  DO NOT USE the 1 Vision Bvld school complex main entrance!


With 160 teams and several hundred spectators, traffic and parking is bit chaotic.  Please remind parents to arrive early to park and follow the parking rules.  There are several designated parking areas.  DO NOT PARK in "No Parking Areas" and Fire Lanes and State Police will be towing and ticketing.  There will be additional Handicap Parking this year with clearly marked spaces. Golf cart transport assistance is also available for handicapped individuals.  DO NOT PARK on any of the streets. State Police will be monitoring and cars will be towed.

Traffic is especially busy between 8am and 9am, and between 12pm and 1pm so plan accordingly.

Important parking reminder for teams playing at Middle School fields:  There is no longer parking along Ninth District Rd. in order to allow safe walking paths and room for team tents in the shade.  You will have to carry your team tents and equipment from the Vision Blvd parking areas.

The event is held rain or shine.  In the event of lightning, we will suspend play and ask that everyone take shelter.  Returning to your cars may be the best place to wait. 
For the safety of all players and attendees at the Tournament, the following lightning policy will be in effect for the entire day:  All play will stop (several loud whistle blasts, as well as multiple horn blasts) and players will be told to leave the field if the flash-to-bang count reaches 30 seconds or less by any of the officials or event coordinators. Players should go directly to their team area and each team should have a plan as to where to go from there (i.e. cars, nearby building, etc.).  Once activities are suspended, play will not resume until 20 minutes after the last flash of lightening is seen or the sound of thunder heard by the site coordinator. At that time, the “all clear” signal will be given and play will resume.    NOTE: Play will resume in accordance with the time schedule, not from when the play was originally stopped.
EMTs are on-site if medical attention is needed.  Medical staff will be next to the referee tent and/or in a golf cart monitoring games. If you need assistance at a field, please tell your referees and they will call an EMT for help.
We have a full range of concessions available during the event including hamburgers, hot dogs, barbeque, pizza, snacks, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and drinks.   IMPORTANT:  Please note NO GRILLS or PETS are allowed on the premises.

We have several excellent vendors this year! Be sure to check out equipment, clothing and many fun activities for the kids including fast shot competitions.



What?!  Yes, it's true.  $500 Gift Cards!!!  This year we will raffle a $500 DICKS GIFT CARD each day!  We will also run a 50/50 raffle with 50% of the money going to the lucky winner.  Raffle tickets are being sold at the Bowers T-Shirt tents in each field area.  Be sure to get your raffle tickets and don't miss out on your chance to win these amazing prizes!

Bowers Tees are always popular and often sell out.  Don't miss your chance to purchase the 2016 Bowers T-shirt available at the main concession areas at the T-Shirt tent. 



All teams/All age levels

  • Respect referees, respect opponents and show good sportsmanship

  • No jewelry of any kind including no taped earrings, no wristbands

  • All players must wear goggles and colored mouthguards at all times during play

  • Goalie must be dressed in full safety equipment

  • Safety rules per US Lacrosse guidelines will be strictly adhered to

  • Teams are asked to observe age level guidelines – for example, a 4th grader can “play up” with junior 5/6 grade team, but a 7th grader cannot “play down”

  • Team or coaches timeouts are not allowed

  • Referee injury timeouts are allowed however the game clock will continue to run

  • Substitutions may be performed at any time, but must be done expeditiously due to time constraints. Referees may award opposing team possession of ball for prolonged delays.

Bantams: Grades 3 & 4

  • Game format is 10v10 with 9 field players and 1 goalie. Field players are set up as 3 defense, 3 midfield (including center) & 3 attack

  • 3 players must stay back behind the restraining line to avoid offsides; center line will serve as the restraining line

  • Fields are smaller sized fields for bantam players

  • Three pass rule (anywhere on the field, goalie clear doesn’t count)

  • Pass count resets with change of possession and running past center midfield line

  • A single bantam coach is allowed on the field to coach players. Other coaches must remain behind sideline area.

  • No Checking

  • If a yellow card occurs, that player can be replaced with another bantam player

Juniors (grades 5 & 6) and Seniors (grades 7 & 8)

  • 12 v 12, modified checking                                                         

  • Full size grass fields

  • Stalling or holding the ball to run down the time is not allowed


  • Yellow and red card penalties must be served per US lacrosse rules and tracked by the coach of the penalized team
  • Any coach receiving a red card must leave the field and the premises


All teams/All age levels

  • All games shall be governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations Boys Lacrosse Rules (the “Federation Rules”), except as modified by these rules of play. This memorandum sets forth the modifications to the Federation Rules that will be applicable to Connecticut Valley Youth Lacrosse League play.

  • Field players and Goalie must be dressed in full safety equipment

  • Safety rules per US Lacrosse guidelines will be strictly adhered to

  • Teams are asked to observe age level guidelines – for example, a 4th grader can “play up” with a junior team, but a 7th grader cannot “play down”

  • No take out checks for all divisions. A take-out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other on the ground.

  • One handed stick checks are not allowed at the Bantam, Junior or Senior divisions.

  • Games will consist of one 25 minute period will a running clock.

  • Team or coaches timeouts are not allowed

  • Referee injury timeouts are allowed however the game clock will continue to run.

  • Substitutions may be performed at any time, but must be done expeditiously due to time constraints. Referees may award opposing team possession of ball for prolonged delays.

  • Any individual that accumulates three (3) personal fouls during a single game shall be prohibited from participating further in the game.

  • Fighting is an expulsion foul. Any player that is expelled from a game for fighting or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be prohibited from participating in the remainder of the tournament.

Bantams: Grades 3 & 4

  • Game format is 10v10 with 9 field players and 1 goalie.

  • Three pass rule (anywhere on the field, goalie clear counts). Pass count resets with change of possession and clearing past center midfield line.

  • Body checking is not allowed in Bantam play. It is expected that some unintentional contact will occur in loose ball situations, but excessive contact and all intentional body checking shall be avoided and an illegal body check penalty shall be called for excessive contact or intentional body checks.

  • A single bantam coach is allowed on the field to coach players. Other coaches must remain behind sideline area.

 No time shall be served for technical fouls, with possession awarded to the team that is fouled. Penalty time shall be served for personal fouls, with the player who committed the foul required to serve penalty time, but teams shall play at full strength and the player serving the penalty time may be substituted for. The offended team shall be given a fast break opportunity as a consequence of each personal foul.

Juniors (grades 5 & 6) and Seniors (grades 6 & 7)

  • Stalling, 20 second clearing, or 10 second advancing the ball rules will NOT apply.


Sportsmanship is the focus of the Paul Bowers Memorial Lacrosse Tournament.
Sportsmanship awards are given out each year to one team in each age division.  The following scoring policy is in place:

  1. For each game played, each referee can award five (5) points based on the sportsmanship displayed by the players, coaches and fans. Both teams can score 5 points, should both demonstrate exemplary sportsmanship.2.
  2. After each game, the referee informs the sportsmanship scorekeeper of the point distribution for that game.
  3. At the end of bantam, junior and senior division play, the points are tallied by team and the team with the most points is awarded the Bowers Sportsmanship Award.  We encourage you to stay until the end of your division to see if your team wins this special honor.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone for a great weekend of lacrosse action!
Yours in Lacrosse,
Kevin Foye, President
Joleen Speight, Vice President and Director of Girls
Paul Delskey , Director of Boys
Lynn Watt, Bowers Tournament Coordinator

Kathy Aleria, Registration Coordinator

Somers SR Girls Win Avon FalconFest Championship!

May 22 Tournament Champions

Lacrosse tournaments don't get much more exciting than this!  Somers Senior girls played competitive teams from Canton, Avon and Wallingford at Fisher Meadows in Avon, CT on May 22.  Somers was one of four teams to advance to the semi-final round.  In the semi-finals, Somers scored a game winning goal in the last 10 seconds to advance to the finals game against Madison SR girls.  In the finals, the score was close with Somers leading 3-2 and five minutes remaining. Madison rallied and scored 2 goals to take a 5-4 lead with one minute remaining. Somers scored with only 5 seconds left on the clock to send the game into overtime.  A sudden death overtime period with no scoring then led to a braveheart round.  The heart-racing braveheart round started with a critical save by Somers goalie Marissa Long, followed by a sprint down the field and a powerful shot taken by Somers team captain Lindsay Skinner to win the game!  

EVERY Somers player on offense and defense showed the heart and hustle of a champion. Amazing teamwork and a great day of lacrosse! Great job to all and WAY TO GO SOMERS!! 


by posted 05/25/2016
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